Elena's cabin

My life on the run

Come on in

I wrote a Screenplay

Talking to the Moon screenplay READ MORE

Unorthodox Beyond Imaginable

Elena Vaytsel, Elena unorthodox READ MORE

Taking on a storm While at anchor

Elena Vaytsel, Elena and Meg WATCH

Meg and I Getting Fresh water

Elena Vaytsel, Elena and Meg, Elena and the War WATCH

How we get food in Bahamas

Getting food WATCH

Kaput on My Russian Articles

Elena Vaytsel, Elena and Meg, Russia is Erasing me READ MORE

Dodging Hurricanes

Elena and Meg dodging hurricanes READ MORE

Did you know Meg isn't a Happy Canadian?

Meg and Canada READ MORE

One Precious Rendezvous with Natalia


What Do I Do About the War?

Elena Vaytsel, Elena and Meg, Elena and the War READ MORE

My treasures

My treasures READ MORE

The boat keeps breaking

Boat is breaking WATCH

Atlantic Bound

Elena and Meg cross the Caribbean WATCH

Provisioning for the Crossing

Elena and Meg provision in Panama WATCH

Planning the Crossing: Winds Suck

Elena planning crossing WATCH

Wanna see how I clean bottom?

Cleaning bottom WATCH