At sea again

It turned out we couldn't extend our stay in Bahamas. It's because I am a Russian. Americans and Canadians get to stay up to 8 months. I, the lesser being, can stay only three months. So we have to move on. And we are back at sea.

We left Cat island behind in 20 knot wind that was getting stronger. Instead of predicted north east we got east wind, so could only go for Long island. And boy, we got ourselves into some seriously bad sea conditions.

Those three hours getting to Long island and then, after the turn, getting to the anchorage was tough for me, mostly emotionally. Questions and questions again, why in the hell do we do this to ourselves. And if it isn't us, then who is doing this to us? Huge waves smacking the boat, salt all over us, all over the boat, Meg fighting with the helm having not a second to herself. At the times like these, I see no other life for us but us being stuck in yet another passage to yet another hidey-hole, some isolated bite in the coast. Always on the run. Never having the right to stay, anywhere in the world.

We ask ourselves how far away is that major equipment failure that we won't be able to fix without the parts needed? How much more of this abuse by the sea, running and isolation we can take. Eventually we will just walk away from the boat. At least, this is how I feel at times and I know Meg does too. Only, if we do, we will no longer be together. Meg would have to go to the only place she can legally be - Canada. And I would have to go to Russia.