Meg Isn't a Happy Canadian

A freedom-lover, I really dislike this subject... us, people, living under somebody's else rule. It has icky words like government, immigration, refugee. All of them, I cringe from. Getting to Meg's home made me a 'refugee claimant', a victim in need of saving and protection. There was simply no other way I could stay in Meg's country. With that, Meg, because she loved me, a non-Canadian, lost the very freedoms Canadians are boasting about.

Right now, she is stuck on the boat we used to flee from Turkey 17 years ago. She can't go anywhere you can. She can't plan her life. She has no access to a dentist or an optometrist. She lives on the boat with barely any power, and she drinks rain water she collects. Her own mother tells her, it was her choice. Yes, it was. You know what the options are? To be with me and live the way we do. Or abandon me and get back to Canada where she has absolutely nothing.

This is how Meg feels about Canada

Meg and I on USS Yorktown in Charleston, SC, 2018, after Canada made negative decision on my citizenship application

This is how Meg feels about Canada

These two are our only safety

Maybe it's time for you to know what it is like for Meg to hold a passport of a country that never gave a damn about her freedom, rights and well-being or that of her partner, her family.

Some time ago I asked Meg a few questions about Canada, put the answers down and turned it into a short and fun read called A Dangerously Unconventional View of Canada. Meg tries to make it sound hilarious, but I can assure you it is not. I see what it does to her every day.

Download A Dangerously Unconventional View of Canada: PDF, EPUB.