Are You My Tribe?

The world has gone mad

There is no room for dialogue any more, and it is all about polarization and attacking others. Political correctness rules, and honesty isn't permitted. People are driven out of their own countries and homes by their tyrannical governments; have no right over their bodies. Freedom of movement is gone overnight, or subject to somebody's stipulations. It is now heroic to be a victim, and one is denounced and ostracized for being self-sufficient, confident and taking care of oneself.

This erosion of rights and erasure of independence, freedom, and individuality is why Meg and I aren't in Canada. And this is why we are now doubt we would move to Scotland, had we such an opportunity. We have been outcasts, on the run to be together for so long now, we don't see any way back to a way of life that has only become more contrived and contemptuous over our time in exile from it.

So I say...

Let's be a tribe!

There is lots of media outlets and tonnes of youtube channels. Some, I even like. But they don't fill the hollow space inside of me, the need to communicate with others. And not over text, but in person. I don't know how I am going to pull it off, when I am the plague rat with no right to be anywhere I want and Meg having lost the freedom of movement alongside with me. But why not try? You and I may just meet one day. Let's start online!

If what Meg and I have done, who we are and how we live speaks to you, reach out. You will open communication with me: Elena. And, if you will so specify, and she is willing, you will get to communicate with Meg.

I am especially interested in you if you:

A few things to know about Meg and me so that you don't get disappointed later.

Meg and I:

Elena email

Speak to you soon!