Freedom Pamphlets

Every ones in a while I come across all those media things. Your typical trendy online publications and printed magazines. 'Do and look as we say or you are a bumpkin' kind of things. And you know what? They make me sick. I can not believe this is what human world is now like. So called popular culture. Do you visit those websites and read what they say? Do you spend money on this kind of magazines? Do you consider what they publish to be important to you? Fashion. Celebrities. Style. Sex life. House kipping. Beauty! I don't do any of it. I don't need any of it. It puzzles me how the most useless and irrelevant to us personalities, topics and goods are the ones that get the most attention and pushed the hardest. Maybe it is because they are totally useless.

The short pamphlets I wrote are the complete opposite to the mainstream media and lifestyle magazines. I say: don't listen to anybody; nobody but you knows what's best for you. Don't get sucked into the vortex of noise that is designed to hoover up your finite minutes alive and your money. You don't need to be trendy to be you. You don't need to buy very expensive junk to be you. You don't need to know which celebrity got pregnant or married to be you. You don't need to have tats and studs on your body to be you. Chuck it all. Carry in your bag only what you truly need. I do and it is a terrific life!



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